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Monday, August 11, 2014

We've moved!

Hello Second Mile Haiti blog readers!

Were you starting to wonder what happened to us???

Hopefully you weren't too worried.

But, if by chance you did notice a significant decline in Second Mile Haiti related news, it's because we've moved. No we haven't left Haiti! We just gave our website a big facelift and we decided to start blogging from within our website now, rather than use the "blogger" platform.

The good news is, it's still possible to follow the blog by email. The bad news is that you actually have sign-up all over again. If you've entered your email address once before, you'll have to follow these steps and do that one more time for us. We promise to make it worth your while!

Here's how you can subscribe to all future blog posts from us.

1. Navigate to our website
(We'll post the link one more time for you at the end of these instructions). 

2. Subscribe! 
When you get to the blog you will actually see two possible email sign-ups. 
One is for our newsletter which we try to send out every other month. It's located on the left. The other, for blog posts only, is in the top right corner. 

It's that easy! Thanks for taking the time to read this short update from us. Hope to see you all back in our subscriber list. We love your feedback and support.

Until next time. :)


Here's that link as promised: