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Monday, October 24, 2011

thoughts from Jenn

While in NM we had some great conversations with Wes and Tonya about faith, vision, and action. Before we left Wes flooded my iPod with some of his favorite Podcasts and gave us a list of his favorite sermons to look forward to.

To be honest, it’s hard for me to agree to listen to sermons on a road trip because I tend to get sleepy. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure I have overactive bladder disease (undiagnosed) and bathroom breaks every 30 minutes can make a sermon series a bit choppy. Much to my surprise, while listening to the energizing words of Steven Furtick not only did I not become sleepy, four hours later I still hadn't stopped to use the bathroom. In fact it was Amy begging me to stop to use the restroom.

In one particular sermon he spoke about how the enemy can use discouragement to slow down or stop what God is trying to do through you. This particular set of sermons hit home to me since this is exactly what we have and will continue to face as we start a new ministry.

Furtick says:

“the enemy is always going to plant a 'why bother' in the face of your 'it’s possible.'”

Why bother?

You have a lot of money to raise. Why bother?
This is a huge project for two girls. Why bother?
It's going to take years before this even gets off the ground. Why bother?
You are so young. Why bother?
Wouldn't you rather just get married? Why bother?

“I think so many people get their dreams chopped off at the neck when they are told why bother.”

I know people think we are crazy. But, what if God put this vision in our hearts…
Even I sometimes tend to laugh at our own vision because I too think we are crazy.
I know this is a BIG dream, but I also know we have a BIG God.

I know we are on the right track since I am believing God for something that is bigger than myself, a vision so big it causes some to laugh and cast their doubts. But if we can push aside the why bother statements and our own doubts and fears, all that's left is a really BIG God and a couple of servants that are ready to make this happen.

“If nobody has laughed at the size of your vision lately then you might not have a vision... you may have a daydream. I want to have a vision so big from God that people laugh when they hear about it. ” Steven Furtick

Mom's on the bandwagon. Garage Sale this Friday!

Well we've arrived in the wonderful state of Arizona, home to the Wildcats, my parents, and some of the world's largest cacti. Jenn and I rented a car and spent the better part of Saturday making our way from New Mexico to Tucson via the desert highways. It was beautiful.

The plan is to stay in Arizona for the next 3 weeks before we set off on a whirlwind trip to CA (amy), TX (jenn), TN, and NC. We're blown away by the opportunities God has set before us to make connections and cast vision. Can't wait to see what He has in store in the Tucson and Phoenix areas.

Speaking of Tucson, if you live in the area would like to either attend or contribute to our Garage Sale here are the dates and times.

Friday and Saturday (October 28th and 29th)

6 A.M. - 2 P.M

5251 W. Desert Falcon Ln.
Tucson, AZ 85742

(Amy's mom, Debby)

If you have any ITEMS that you would like to DONATE to the GARAGE SALE. We will come to your house for pick up at a time that is convenient for you!

Please call 323-901-8211. or email

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meet the Edwards!

Jenn and I have both arrived in Hobbs, New Mexico. We are staying with Wes, Tonya, and Rivaldo Edwards who have and will continue to play a huge roll in the beginnings of Second Mile Ministries, you just haven't met them yet! In fact it was Tonya who chose the name Second Mile. This photo was taken last night after a conference at ChooseLife Church where Tonya is on staff and Wes is the worship leader. Tonya and Wes are probably the most encouraging and generous people you will ever meet. We are all excited to work together to do what God is calling us to do.

Monday, October 17, 2011

First Steps

One of our first steps as an organization will be to purchase a vehicle. In light of frequent rain storms which render Haiti's roads practically unpassable and our need to transport supplies and the occasional load of friendly church goers, a 4-wheel drive pick-up truck will be vehicle of choice. Toyota models are desirable due to the availability of Toyota parts in-country.

We hope to purchase a used truck in or around Florida as the vehicle will then be shipped via boat to Haiti. However, driving the vehicle to Florida is an option if someone outside the area has such a vehicle for sale, or for gift.

A diesel powered truck is ideal. But gas powered models aren't out of the question.

(photo by Jaclyn Visbeen)

Once this goal is achieved, the search for land will continue with ease and the transportation of building materials to the perspective site can begin!

If you would like to donate specifically for the purchase of a vehicle, please do so here.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where we at!

This seems to be the big question. So if you're not in Haiti, where are you?!

Well we arrived in the States two weeks ago today.

I've since spent quality time with my closest college friends in Los Angeles, attended the most beautiful wedding (love you Leah and Armen) in San Diego, got encouraged by visiting some of my APU professors, and went "home" for five fun-filled days with my high school bestie and her husband. Jenn got to chill with some quality friends at Pepperdine. We even had a few days of R & R. Much needed.

I'm writing from the Warnock's home in Morgan Hill which also feels like "home." It would be impossible to recount the number of hours I have spent in this house; church potlucks, play dates as a little girl, youth group nights as a high schooler, car pool pick-up in their drive-way, and even my own baptism in their pool. They opened their spare bed room to me for a few days which gives me the opportunity to reconnect with various people from Westhills Community Church; my church home for eighteen years.

This morning I attended Westhill's worship service. It was great to see familiar faces. Six years has a way of turning the "babies" I once babysat into mature students. I love where this church is at and where they're headed.

It was a privilege to be present for this evening's festivities: a send-off barbeque for the Well's, a missionary family in Cambodia. The potluck dinner was fabulous and the company was enriching.

This trip has been very unplanned which is usually the way I roll. Keeping plans at a minimum has its benefits. I would hate for my agenda to get in the way of God's divine way of connecting people. I wasn't sure if I was going to stay in the area long enough to attend this gathering.

I'm really glad I did.

I enjoyed many really engaging conversations tonight. It's natural for me to be incredibly passionate about Haiti and this effort but when others latch-on to that excitement, now that's energizing!

These next few months are going to be one fun adventure.

Now we can't forget about Jenn! Jenn got to spend the week in Texas with family and friends. At this very moment she's in route to Oklahoma where she will intersect Wes and Tonya and join them for the drive back to their home in Hobbs, NM. If all goes well I will meet up with them Monday. A team huddle is in order.

Thanks to everyone I chatted with tonight. I look forward to the next time we meet!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


It's officially time to launch the blog. We've been working on a website for quite a while now and it's taken us this long to realize that we are not website people! We're going to need some professional help. For now, we will do our best to keep everyone up-to-date right here.

You've probably arrived at this site because we've been talking your ear off for the last several weeks, maybe you received one of our raw, unedited emails back in September, or perhaps you caught wind of this new project from a friend who heard from a friend, who heard from a friend. Great! We're so happy that the word is spreading. We couldn't be more excited about the path God is leading us down.

And we want YOU to be involved!

This blog will help you do just that. We'll try to share where we are, what we're doing, and how you can help set this vision in motion.

Be sure to visit The Vision if you haven't already.